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On-site welded liners

Clearwater offer a service for on-site welded liners to go into existing or new pools. If an old conrete pool has to be lined, most of the fittings ie main drains, skimmers, inlets, underwater lights etc will have to be changed for liner fittings. Please contact Clearwater fo an approximate estimate.

Vinyl Liners

Clearwater Swimming Pools Ltd manufacture new and replacement liners, please look at our standard pool dimensions and you will see that most sizes and shapes of pools are catered for. All pool vinyl liners can be made to measure and are supplied in 30 thou. thickness material. Our bag liners can also be made with a step unit built in.
All our pool kits are supplied with a standard plain blue with mosaic tile band vinyl liner.


We have a selection of different colour styles, which are shown below:

Liner Pattern Mosaic


Liner Pattern Byzance


Liner Pattern White


Liner Pattern Aqua


Liner Pattern Ice Blue

Ice Blue

Liner Pattern Black


Liner Pattern Sand


Liner Pattern Blue


Liner Pattern Barcelona Blue

Barcelona Blue

Liner Pattern Barcelona Marine

Barcelona Marine

Liner Pattern Persia Sand

Persia Sand

Liner Pattern Persia Blue

Persia Blue

Liner Pattern Persia Ochre

Persia Ochre

Liner Pattern Persia Turquoise

Persia Turquoise

Liner Pattern Persia Grey

Persia Grey

Liner Pattern Marble


Liner Pattern Grey Marble

Grey Marble

Liner Pattern Granite


Liner Pattern Estoril


Liner Pattern Tuscany Blue

Tuscany Blue

Liner Pattern Tuscany Green

Tuscany Green

Liner Pattern Coral


Liner Pattern Light Grey

Light Grey

Liner Pattern Dark Grey

Dark Grey

Liner Pattern Persia Black

Persia Black

Liner Pattern Tarragona Sand

Tarragona Sand

Liner Pattern Cote D'Azure

Cote D'Azure

Liner Pattern Costa Brava

Costa Brava

Liner Pattern Slate


Plain and Plain with Mosaic Tile Band Vinyl Liners : Can be supplied with a 10" mosaic tile band around the top

Patterned Vinyl Liners : Supplied in either all Mosaic or all Marble pattern in 30 thou. material.

Deluxe Liners : Supplied as mosaic tile band, white walls with a choice of mosaic or marble patterned floor.
This style of vinyl liner is normally with a Roman End step unit as the white walls match the white step.

In peak summer the vinyl liners can take up to 3 weeks from receipt of order. Orders will only be taken on receipt of a full plan and description.
Please read the vinyl liner guarantee before fitting the vinyl liner.

Different Size Swimming Pool Kits

All pools can be built flat bottom, and to any size you require. For pricing purposes if you require a pool kit size that is not a standard, take the kit size that is closest to the one you desire.
Always round up sizes never down. If in doubt Pl ese contact Clearwater Swimming Pools.

If the vinyl liner is provisionally ordered and paid for with Pack A or B, a temporary slot will be held at our manufacturers for 10 days. If you confirm your finished pool dimensions in this period of time, the vinyl liner should be with you in approximately 5 working days.

For special size vinyl liners please contact Clearwater Swimming Pools for more information.

Please Contact Clearwater Swimming Pools for Latest Prices

N.S.P.I. Standard or Clearwater Standard Vinyl Liners

Description 30thou.
30thou. with
Tile Band
30thou. Deluxe
(Tile Band White Walls
& Patterned Floor)
10' x 20' £868 £971 £1,216 £1,241
12' x 24' £1,158 £1,296 £1,624 £1,657
14' x 28' £1,489 £1,665 £2,088 £2,130
14' x 30' £1,583 £1,770 £2,219 £2,264
15' x 30' £1,669 £1,866 £2,339 £2,388
16' x 32' £1,858 £2,079 £2,606 £2,658
16' x 38' £2,168 £2,426 £3,041 £3,103
18' x 36' £2,266 £2,535 £3,178 £3,243
20' x 40' £2,715 £3,036 £3,807 £3,884

All Liners come as Clearwater Standard 30thou Plain blue walls and Floor.
All vinyl liners can be made to measure, please contact us for a quotation. The prices shown above are for our standard sized pools (see standard pool dimensions below). However if you require another size please ask for a quotation. All pool sizes can be made 4' flat bottom if required.

In peak summer the vinyl liners can take up to 3 weeks from receipt of order to completion. Orders will only be taken on receipt of a full plan and description.

Please read the guarantee form before fitting the vinyl liner.

Standard Pool Liner Dimensions

Automatic top-up - £122.50             Chlorinator - £155.00

Please Contact Clearwater Swimming Pools for Latest Prices

We reserve the right to amend prices and/or specifications without prior notice.
All prices will be charged VAT at the appropriate rate.

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