Swimming Pools

Clearwater's Pools

At Clearwater our teams of highly professional pool builders always use the highest quality materials and equipment available from reputable and respected suppliers. This ensures that the finished product meets all professional standards, meets Clearwater’s standards and of course, meets the most important standards of all – yours.

Clearwater will always discuss fully all aspects of the design with you, take note of any particular wishes and explain all the stages involved in the construction of your pool, which will include filtration, heating systems, sanitization, decorative finishes, accessories etc.

Clearwater Pools Oxford - Indoor Pool Design

Indoor Swimming Pools

Clearwater prides itself on creating swimming pools tailored to the client’s unique style and taste.

We have designed and constructed a wide range of indoor pools and spas using many different types of building materials. We have installed pools in a wide variety of existing buildings such as barns, outbuildings, conservatories and basements.

To construct a pool in an existing building may require upgrading and strengthening of the building which can be discussed during the initial site visit.

Outdoor Swimming Pools

All our pools are seamlessly blended into the local surroundings with hard landscaping, for example, paved areas. Clearwater are only too pleased to offer this landscaping service which will include paving, walls, changes of level etc. Final soft landscaping is carried out by separate contractors.

The pool construction itself will be carried out by our own skilled craftsmen and although there will be some disruption, we always try to confine this to the pool site by using lightweight machinery.

Outdoor swimming pools are usually constructed to a family size of 10×5 or 11x4m, and normally five metres from the house, on the sunniest side of the garden with good access from the main house for services.

Commercial Swimming Pools

At Clearwater we are confident that our full design service will meet all your expectations. All of our clients’ special requirements, whether it be  a commercial or private pool, are catered for in the design specification, for example, the installation of specialist treatment equipment used in hydrotherapy; or swim jets and massage hoses.

These special pools can also incorporate features designed to provide a safe and welcoming environment for those with physical and/or learning difficulties. Special equipment enabling attendants and carers closer access and safe supervision of their charges can also be incorporated into the pool design.