Swimming Pool Liners

New or Replacement Swimming Pool Liners

Clearwater offer an extensive range of liners for new or existing Commercial or Domestic Swimming Pools which can either be installed by ourselves with an on-site welded liner, or pre-tailored ready for you to fit.

There are numerous colour and pattern options available as well as slip resistant step lining. There is also an option to have lane markings incorporated into the lining for competition swimming.

Onsite Welded Liners

Our onsite welded liners are installed onsite by Clearwater’s team once the Swimming Pool is already prepared for the installation.

The liners can proudly be installed into any shape pool and can securely run at temperatures up to 33ºC (91ºF) without any detrimental effect on the expected life of the lining. The material has exceptional strength as the polyester reinforced mesh is 1.5mm thick which enables it to withstand intensive use. Clearwater guarantee’s the liners for ten years however, the life expectancy can reach up to 20 years.

Plain Liner Choices (1.5mm Thickness)

Tile Liner Choices (1.5mm Thickness)

XTREME Premier Liner Choices (1.5mm Thickness)

The EXTREME Premier Liner Choice is the first chlorine-resistant reinforced membrane which guarantees on colour and stains for 5 years as well as guaranteeing the watertightness for 15 years. These liners are best suited for commercial use.

Ceramics Liner Choices (2mm Thickness)

The Ceramic liners are the more cost effective alternative to glass Mosaic pool tiling as it offers the same look and feel. The 2mm membrane thickness offers additional resistance and low maintenance. The Ceramic Liners guarantees the watertightness for 10 years.

Touch Liner Choice (2mm Thickness)

The Touch liners are unique as they provide a textured finish that resembles the natural stone look. The 2mm membrane thickness offers additional resistance and low maintenance. The Touch Liners guarantees the watertightness for 10 years.

Pre-Tailored Liners

Clearwater’s pre-tailored liners can be made to measure and can also be made with a concrete step unit already built in. The Liners are supplied in 30 thou thickness material and have been coated with an exclusive protective varnish, which has the main function of extending the liner’s life. Clearwater guarantee’s the liners for 5 years.

All of Clearwater’s DIY kits are supplied with a standard plain blue with a Mosaic tile band liner.

Plain and Plain with Mosaic Tile Band Vinyl Liners : Can be supplied with a 10″ mosaic tile band around the top.

Patterned Vinyl Liners : Supplied in either all Mosaic or all Marble pattern in 30 thou material.

Deluxe Liners : Supplied as Mosaic tile band, white walls with a choice of Mosaic or Marble patterned floor.

Samples can be provided.

Pre-Tailored Liners Options – Plain

Pre-tailored Liners Options – Patterned


Pre-tailored Tile Band Options